Websites directly related to World Democracy

- (Charter for the Global Peoples Assembly Movement (GPAM))

- (Democracy Experiment)


- (Bürgeraktion für direkte Demokratie durch Volks- und Bürgerentscheide)

- (Student World Assembly)

- (World constitution programme)

- (World Unity and Peace Education Department, Montessori school, Lucknow)

- ( Global Network of NGOs for a NEW UN)

- ( Global Democracy now)

- (International Movement for a Just World)

- (Global Peoples Assembly Network (GPA))

- (Parlement mondial (GEstaing et Troy Davis))

- (Creative application of digital tools for positive global change)

- Digital Democracy and planetary citizenship June 4-6, 2004.

- ( Links about World democracy at page)


- (World Federalist Movement)

- (World Parliament Experiment) (also

- (World citizen Fondation (Troy Davis and others))

- (World future council)

- (a World Parliament for the 21st century (trilingual list))

Websites of people or organisations related to world democracy

- (Centre for World Solidarity)

- (site of Georges Monbiot)

- (software-related services to enable decision-making and knowledge management to political organizations,
national and transnational, governmental and non-governmental)

- (software for Direct Democracy)