coalition meeting:

Coalition for a World Parliament and World Democracy
Working meeting
Blasweiler, Germany
June 26-27, 2004

MINUTES (Version 2004-07-04)


The following participants were present at the meeting:

Name E-Mail Organization(s) Country and other Information:

Thanks to Christian, the e-mail adresses have made ureadable for spmammers by adding an: "blasweiler."

Kenneth Kostyo Coalition for a WP and WD (CWD), WCF USA/Netherlands, Lawyer ING

Didier Coeurnelle Coalition for a WP and WD, WP 21, WPE Belgium, Civil Servant

Brian Coughlan World Parliament Experiment (WPE) Ireland/Sweden, Computer Professional AOL

Troy Davis World Citizen Foundation (WCF) USA/France, President WCF

Anya Davis WCF South Africa/France

Christian Jacken, WPE Germany/Brazil

Sarah Khan WPE Germany/Netherlands,Lawyer

Franz Isemann Mehr Demokratie Germany

Tav Open Partnership Initiative UK

Fernando Iglesias World Democracy Forum, WCF Argentina, University Professor

Raj Chandola City Montessori School Lucknow India, Head World Unity and Peace Education Department

Fabian Kyrieleis CWD, WPE Germany, Speaker WPE

Rasmus Tenbergen CWD, WPE Germany, Executive Director WPE

Werner Bulling +Johanna Baursachs Bürgerinitiative für das Europa der Bürger Germany

Heiner Benking CWD Germany

Mamading Ceesay Open Partnership Network UK

The following people registered, but sent their apologies that they could not attend for several reasons:

Malachi Opule Orondo Peoples Health Movement, WPE Kenya

Feroz Ahmmead Rotaract Club Bangladesh

Stephan Mögle-Stadel WFM-Germany,, WCF, WPE Germany, Journalist and Book Author

Lennart Grumer Germany, Student

Richard Vidal WP21 Spain

Eugenia Almand World Constitution and Parliament Association USA, Secretary of the Provisional World Parliament

David Bowel Open Partnership Network UK

Solange Kpizia World Constitution and Parliament Association Mali



1. Meeting in Bonn, Main Station, Track 1 (Bonn Hauptbahnhof, Gleis 1)
2. Transfer to the venue
3. Opportunity for informal talks
4. Small Lunch

5. Official start of the meeting
6. Welcome, introductions of the participants, expectations
7. Discussion and decision on procedure, agenda and minutes
8. Discussion and decision on objectives of the meeting
9. Short summary of past activities for newcomers

10. Discussion of past “decisions” and the decision-making process of the coalition

11. The coalition and special projects, the World Parliament Experiment and others: how do they interact?
12. Big and small group discussions

13. First conference call to USA meeting
14. German Barbecue
15. Social Gathering
16. Opportunity for informal talks


17. The World Parliament petition campaign
18. The Coalition and the World Social Forum

19. The Coalition and poor countries
20. PR for the coalition
21. Towards an action plan for the coalition: brainstorming

22. Any other business
23. Wrap-up: final open discussion
24. Official end of the meeting

Ad 1.-6.

The official part of the meeting started at 2.15 in Blasweiler. Rasmus served as facilitator of the meeting, welcomed the participants and asked them to introduce themselves.

After the first round of introductions, there was a demand to have a second round

Ad 7.
Rasmus opens plan for procedure
Standard rules with majority vote at any time until consensus otherwise

Procedure and agenda was accepted, proposals of participants could be integrated in the proposed agenda.

Ken was asked to write the minutes.

English, German, French, Dutch (including Afrikaans and Flemish), Portuguese
(including Galician), Spanish, Italian, Hindi, Tamil

Ad 8.:

Discussion over democratic nature of this meeting and coalition in general.
Consensus that this meeting could act freely according to its own agreed
rules and that we would table further discussion on whether or not this
meeting and/or the coalition could or should act as a democratic model.

Further agreed that this meeting would act independently of the coalition
that was forming, but that it would deem itself bound by its own decisions,
which would be forwarded to the coalition as a whole later for validation.
Those outside the core group were invited to continue discussions on the world parliament experiment websitebut that it would not be deemed the official non-core voting mechanism.
Agreed KK will draft (neutral) language.

Troy gave a presentation on his views on the objectives of the meeting and the questions we need to answer: who are we? What is the role of the core group? What aspects of “democracy engineering” should be considered?

Consensus that one objective of the meeting should be to define “who are we”.

Ad 9.:

Troy gave a presentation on the history of the movement for newcomers.

Ad 10.:

To discuss previous decisions, participants asked for a reading period.

After that, the following comments were made to previous decisions:

CWP Decisions

1 RT (modified and accepted)

The members are kindly asked to decide the following:

This Website should be the decision-making website of the World Democracy Movement.

Comment: it should be the provisorial site until better solutions are available.

2 RT (tabled)

The members are kindly asked to decide the following:

The provisional name of our coalition should be:

Coalition for a World Parliament and World Democracy.

3 RT (accepted with 6-3-8 majority)

The members are kindly asked to decide the following:

Rob Wheeler should be the provisional Coordinator of the Coalition.

4 NV (tabled)

I ask to the members of the coalition to use the international paper "The Federalist Debate" as the principal paper medium to spread our mission in order to enlarge the coalition participation and to broaden the discussion about our themes to other people not yet involved in Coalition work.

If you agree I can ask to the editor of the TFD, Mr. Lucio Levi, to dedicate a special section of the review to our Coalition for a World Parliament and Global Democracy.

Nicola Vallinoto

PS: the following is the presentation of the last issue of The Federalist Debate with a summary of articles

5 KK (accepted)

that a work group (as a sub-committee of this existing coordinating committee) be established specifically dedicated to research, develop, and implement a World Democracy Forum.

6 KK (accepted)

that a work group (as a subcommittee of this existing coalition) be established specifically dedicated to researching and establishing a proper legal structure to house the activities of the provisionally named World Democracy Movement.

7 KK (accepted)

That this webpage ( ) be approved as as the official web presence of the provisionally named World Democracy Movement Coalition.

8 RT (modified and accepted)

The following people should constitute the core group that organizes the coalition with voting rights:

The core group can be changed based on decisions of this group.

Comment: The group recommended to reconsider the name (starting group?) and to add more people.

9 RT (accepted)

The meeting in Bonn, Germany on June 26&27 should be an official meeting of the coalition. Invitations should be made on behalf of the coalition.

10 RT (accepted)

Members of the provisional core group should be asked whether they want to be in this group. If so, they are asked to write a short confirmation (see example).

11 TD (accepted)

There have been so far 3 preparatory meetings for a World Democracy Forum (in Strasbourg, Paris, dinner Mumbai) organized by the World Citizen Foundation. The idea is to create a series of events that show to potential funders that there is something substantial, then convince people to fund other events. I suggest that the Bonn meeting be officially the next event in that series. It would have several advantages, one is to diversify the organizing entity and to help get funding from German foundations. I have already asked 3 German foundations and this would them to get involved. So my proposal is: call the Bonn meeting the 4th preparatory meeting for the future WDF.

12 TD (modified and accepted)

I think the decision-making process is too formalistic and too early, and that we need to have freer discussions to arrive at a minimum common denominator. Therefore, I suggest that we should have telephone or personal meetings. As you know, since 1998, via the WCF we have organized meetings for activists in this field so that we can talk directly. So meeting personally (like in Bonn) is vital, but we could also try to have monthly conference calls. These calls, while costing something, might get more done in achieving some kind of agreement than discontinuous and asynchronous emails. And they are still cheaper than meeting physically every month.

Comment: Brian proposed to use skype for phone calls and other advanced technologies, he was asked by the group to coordinate this for us.

13 RT (tabled)

The following E-mail was sent to the coalition site. I propose that we invite SimPol to join the coalition, list them as interested organization first and then, if they want to join, as full members.

14 FK (accepted)

The following text should appear on the members site of the coalition:


The following organizations and initiatives expressed an interest in becoming a member of the WDM (in alphabetical order,):
- A World Parliament for the 21st Century e-forum (
- City Montessori School Lucknow, India* (
- (
- Global Democracy Experiment (
- Global Peoples Assembly Network (
- Global Rising (
- Mehr Demokratie* (
- Sammondano (
- Student World Assembly* (
- Global Democracy Now* (
- Welt Bürger (
- World Citizen Foundation* (
- World Federalist Movement* (
- World Constitution & Parliament Association* (
- World Parliament Experiment (

15 FK (tabled)

On the coalition website we should set up a list where people can express their support for a democratically legitimized World Parliament.

16 KK (tabled)

That the Mission Statement of the Coalition for a World Parliament and World Democracy should be as follows:

1. To establish an elected world parliament or assembly, by advancing understanding and action among citizens, civil society, and governments.

2. To promote global democracy generally, by working to democratise international institutions and practices and to improve the democratic process at all levels of society.

3. To empower citizens and civil society to resolve global crises and inequity through participatory democracy and nonviolent action.

On this page, we will introduce the different member organistaions and initiatives of the world democracy network. If you have a short description of your organisation, please send this to

17 KK (tabled)

To nominate Dick Burkhardt as the official editor of the Mission Statement of the Coalition for a World Parliament and World Democracy.

18 ML (tabled)

I propose that we have a joint electronic conference to connect the campain for world parliament meeting following the United Nations Reform summit in SanFrancisco June 24 and 29 with our Coalition meeting in Bonn June 26 and 27

19 KK (accepted)

To establish a committee to develop a fund raising strategy;

To appoint Mona Lee as a member of this "Fund Raising Committee".

20 KK (modified and accepted)

To appoint the following individuals to the work group investigating and preparing the necessary legal structure for the Coalition:

Dick Burkhardt
Mona Lee
Andrew Strauss

Comment: The group recommended to add Ken, Troy and Christian.

21 KK (accepted)

To appoint the following individuals to the work group investigating and planning a World Democracy Forum:

Fernando Iglesias
Troy Davis

22 RT (accepted)

I propose that we develop an action plan: who does what? We now have the means to organize ourselves so we should start the next steps.

23 RT (accepted)

Nobody should be part of this process against his or her will. So I propose that we give voting rights (only) to those who say or show that they want to be part of this process.

24 RT (tabled)

The agenda of the Bonn meeting should be as follows:

Introduction, expectations and decision on the agenda
The coalition: what are our objectives and who does what?
The coalition and special projects, the World Parliament Experiment and others: how do they interact?
Conference call to the San Francisco meeting
Open discussion
Any other business

25 DC (accepted)

During this meeting, we should have participants from Europe, America, Africa and Asia.

For this reason, we agree that the coalition is going to intervene for the cost of participation of participants coming from "poor" countries. If possible, the coalition is going to intervene for at least one participant from:

- Latin America
- Asia
- Africa

26 DC (tabled)

The coalition will send a press release about international elections. Hereafter the draft of the text (see website):

Ad 11. and 12.:

In addition, the group decided to have an explanation for non-members of the core group on the website how to influence it that mentions that the same mechanism can be used on the website of the world parliament experiment and other possibilities to influence coalition decisions.

Discussion on the relation between the coalition and special projects (for example, whether we should try to be a model for a future world parliament) was tabled to allow more time for the discussion on the mission statement.

Ad 13.:
Call from San Francisco meeting

Mona, Rob and Dick gave a report on the SF meeting (see separate minutes).

Ken gave a report of the Bonn meeting.

Announcement of upcoming events
Sept. NYC
Later Perugia and Geneva

Introduction to different proposal to change UN Charter

SF plans to discuss decisions the next day.

Rob, Mona and Dick gave us the authority to add a few new core group members.

Ad 14.-16.:

The group decided to continue the group discussion to address important issues together.
Extensive discussion of "who are we"

Two biggest early conceptual decision to make were Mission Statement and
Criteria for admission (and exclusion)
Mamading propose we start with Mission so we know what it is we are
including or excluding from

Existing mission statement debated extensively
Extensive discussion around new language being drafted by Troy

Decision of the group to change the agenda and discuss on Sunday only: 1. mission, 2. criteria for admission and (above all) action plan (including the aspects mentioned in the agenda.

End day at 1.30 a.m..


Ad 17.-22.:

Troy’s mission draft accepted provisionally 10-0-2, the text is as follows:

To foster human rights, peace and freedom, and the satisfaction of basic human needs through the promotion of supra-national democracy.

To help resolve global problems through increased participation of world citizens.

To promote, research and campaign for the establishment of world democracy and a democratic world parliament

To raise the level of public awareness and public debate about the peaceful building of a global democratic order.

Troy suggest his Statement on WD
Various amendments proposed but presently rejected so we could advertise
statement as accepted by several hundred signatories
Fernando proposes we accept Troy’s common statement and add 3 criteria
Christian demands an emergency mechanism (to revert to core group making
Fernando’s plan accepted 9-1-4
It reads as follow:
1) Agreement on the common statement on World Democracy
2) Engagement and promotion of a democratic World Parliament
3) No current violent action or affiliation
4) Full respect of the rules and methods established by the Coalition
Unresolved issue of Chris’s emergency device and the three step process of
acceptance as initially proposed by Fernando (as follows:)
a. Application
b. Admission / right to speak
c. Full membership / right to vote
Christian and Tav indicate that best solution would be for only individuals
to be members (and thus act as members of administration) and organisations
could join as support
Brian agrees and Fernando initially adds it as part of his acceptance
process, accepted by the group.

Members (of core group)
(agreed to pursue this issue before full resolution on name of "core" group)
Various limits on number proposed and all rejected
Nominations opened to all
Volunteers: Brian, Christian , Franz, Heiner, Raj, Fernando
All unversally accepted

Action groups proposed:
Are we democratic model (tabled)
CMS (India) offer the host and fund world citizen counter on official
website(s) (tabled)
WSF / WDF (agreed to give presentation time for Fernando)
Increased participation from developing countries (tabled)
Internal governance / decision making
Public relations / external outreach
Tav’s plan (agreed to give presentation to Mamading)
Next meeting(s)
Bibliography (tabled)
Tax issues (tabled)

Mama’s presentation
Here he represent the Open Partnership Network
1. will help develop voting software based on principles of delegated voting (meeting in Norway in July / August)
Didier request their be some mechanism for those in less technically
developed parts of the world to vote by simple e-mail or even post.
Chistian Jacken wanted to know if they were affiliate with MikaelNordfors
(answered in the affirmative)
Upon request Mamading offers to act as main contact between the coalition
and this project
2. Will give presentation on the above contemporaneous with ESF
(October 16 entire day) we are all encouraged to attend.
Tav offers us place to crash in London during ESF

Franz requests that the various ESF activities related to world
democratisation should be arranged so as not to conflict with each other
Mamading request feedback on our various activities

Fernando’s WDF presentation
Selected as official project of coalition

Christian Jacken offers to assist us in finding cheap hotels in Porto Alegre

Everyone official invited to join WDstrategy discussion group on Topica

Small group work


Troy calls attention to several selected action group topics that remained

Franz requests exact list of core group as well as the various working

Franz proposes two plans for upcoming ESF
Debate follows
Agreed he would reserve time and location for general discussion and we
would all try to assist in a presentation.

Final move of agenda because very little time remaining

Didier requests that we end with every participant giving reflections on

Upcoming events
Norway July / August
ESF October 14-17, 2004, London
Chief Justices conference in Lucknow December 10-13, 2004
World Social Forum in Porto Alegre, Brasil January 16-31, 2005
Brian suggests regular meetings with Skype and e-chat, Tav will assist

Ad 23.-24.:

Includes closing words by every participant and reflections on meeting

For the coalition,

Ken & Rasmus

Disclaimer: These are still draft minutes, if you think that important aspects are missing or not correct, please let us know (


Dear friends,

this is the official invitation to the meeting of the Coalition for a World Parliament and World Democracy on June 26 & 27 in Bonn, Germany. Everyone is invited, if you want to participate, please send an e-mail until June 11th to:

Many thanks to Fabian and his familiy for offering their house in the lonely area of Blasweiler (40 kilometers outside Bonn) for this meeting! We will meet on Saturday, June 26th at 12 a.m. on track one of the main railway station in Bonn (Bonn Hauptbahnhof, Gleis 1) and organize a transfer to Blasweiler. If it is difficult for you to be there, please contact me in advance. The end of the meeting will be around 5 p.m. on Sunday, June 27th.

The final agenda for the meeting will be decided on the decision-making website of the coalition (, then "decision-making"). The provisional agenda is as follows:

Provisional Agenda


12 a.m. Meeting in Bonn, Main Station, Track 1 (Bonn Hauptbahnhof, Gleis 1)
Transfer to the venue
Opportunity for informal talks
Small Lunch

2 p.m. Official start of the meeting
Welcome, introductions of the participants, expectations
Discussion and decision on procedure, agenda and minutes
Discussion and decision on objectives of the meeting
Short summary of past activities for newcomers

4 p.m. Discussion of past "decisions" and the decision-making process of the coalition

6 p.m. The coalition and special projects, the World Parliament
Experiment and others: how do they interact?
Big and small group discussions

8 p.m. First conference call to USA meeting
German Barbecue
Social Gathering
Opportunity for informal talks


8 a.m. Breakfast

9 a.m. The World Parliament petition campaign
The Coalition and the World Social Forum

11 a.m. The Coalition and poor countries
PR for the coalition
Towards an action plan for the coalition: brainstorming

1 p.m. Small Lunch Break
Opportunity for informal talks

2 p.m. Towards an action plan for the coalition: who does what?
Any other business
Wrap-up: final open discussion
Second conference call to USA meeting

5 p.m. Official end of the meeting

There are about 8 beds in the house, so the first 8 reservations will get a bed for free. The others have the choice either to let my do a reservation for a Hotel in the area or to bring their own camping matress, there is plenty of space in the house. Even if you got a reservation for a bed, please bring your own sleeping bag.

There is no participation fee, if you want to help us to cover the costs or to make a donation to the coalition, you are of course invited to do so.

If you have any questions, please do not hestitate to contact me (phone: +492222977584, cell phone: +491772853738). I am looking forward to meeting you all in June!

Best wishes, Rasmus

P.S. This is an open meeting, everybody interested is invited, so please feel free to distribute this invitation to people who support our cause.