The following organizations and initiatives expressed an interest in becoming a member of the coalition (in alphabetical order):

- A World Parliament for the 21st Century e-forum (
- City Montessori School Lucknow, India* (
- (
- Global Democracy Experiment (
- Global Peoples Assembly Network (
- Global Rising (
- Mehr Demokratie* (
- Sammondano (
- Global Democracy Now* (
- Welt Bürger (
- World Federalist Movement* (
- World Constitution & Parliament Association* (
- World Parliament Experiment (

On this page, we will introduce the different member organistaions and initiatives of the world democracy network. If you have a short description of your organisation, please send this to

If you want to join the coalition, please send us an e-mail to

* Representatives of organizations with a * have not yet confirmed that they want to be listed in this way. We ask them to give us this confirmation so that we can remove the * or to tell us, if they do not want to be listed here.